Rain Plus Filter


4-in-1 cartridge for Rain Plus water filter
* Suitable for Rain water filter as well
* Upgrade from 3-in-1 cartridge

4-in-1 Cartridge:

1. Granular Activated Carbon Powder

  • GAC improves the taste of water by reducing chlorine, trihalomethanes (TTHMs) and volatile organic components (VOCs).

2. Coral sand

  • Coral sand is a natural calcium source, improves mineral-balanced water, adjusts acidic tap water to alkaline and reduces odours.

3. 10 micron PE sediment 

  • Removes sediments and particles larger than 5-10 microns. Special construction delivers extremely economical footprint for countertop water filter models.

4. 1-micron bamboo activated carbon block 

  • Combination of carbon filter with GAC and bamboo charcoal removes bad taste, odors and improves taste of filtered water.
  • Removes residual chlorine, chloroform and absorbs VOCs with an anti-bacterial effect. Also removes herbicides and pesticides, TTHMs and heavy metals like lead and mercury.

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